Joined to NN Development internaional,Inc to blessing the Father’s Day!

Date:Jun 03,2016   Read:2157

A group of mini Jobs(young children) , came to our company iLeAD-ShenZhen LiDaCheng Technology Co.Ltd, who is  insisting innovation as the core; high quality as the lifeline. The lovely children is  packaging products , to understand every step of producing.  we need to do a good job intentions. Guide them to understand that innovation is the way of business, product determines a company's vitality, the electricity supplier is the main battlefield of the future, to ensure the quality of everything. Maybe they're not too clear now , but hazy enlightenment, for their future path may have some influence and help.

Class service for long -term cooperation with you!
The best gift of Father’s Day is made by yourself!
Father is a child's greatest minds, but also a favorite...
Each procedure requires careful, hard to learn for ensure the best quality!
The young children are all study hard !
There is no good data management, storage of raw material will become stagnant, increasing the cost of business
Production safety is very important, every employee is our corporate wealth.
You are the best! ! !

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